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The Way I Work

Whatever you bring to therapy you will be treated with warmth, respect and compassion. Together we will look at exploring, understanding and challenging negative and persistent patterns of thinking, behaviour and emotional reactions. I will encourage you to examine how your current responses to circumstances, past and present, are serving you now. We will seek to re-imagine what you believe to be possible and bring new perspectives to the challenges you are facing.


As an Integrative Relational Counsellor I draw on a number of successful psychological theories. This way of working ensures that my approach remains flexible and appropriate to you and the issues you are experiencing.


Whether you are dealing with long term issues, facing difficulties in your relationships, something may have emerged recently that feels troubling or you may have been battling with anxiety, depression, panic, anger or confusing thoughts for some time, it is important to remember nothing is insignificant. If your health and well-being are being affected, talking to an experienced counsellor will help.


Counselling provides a safe place for you talk openly and be heard without judgement. It offers unconditional support that is different to the support you might receive from friends and family. In a trusting environment where thoughts and feelings are shared in confidence, often clarity is found. Overwhelming feelings of despair, confusion and pain lose potency to enable you to feel more in control.



"Counselling provides tools and skills enabling you to thrive in life rather than just survive". 

Areas of Special Interest

  • Young adults with anxiety 

  • Low self esteem, body image and confidence

  • Grief, anger, fear, stress, depression, motivation, self awareness

  • Relationships, communications and connection

  • Life transitions and changes

  • Parenting and family dynamics


I offer a FREE 20 minute initial phone call. Further appointments can be via zoom, telephone or in person. All appointments are £60 and are for 50 minutes.

Counselling sessions are very much determined by you. I work short-term with the option of 6 to 12 weekly sessions as well as open-ended work. It may be that you no longer need the sessions but want to revisit in a month or a year later, it is governed by you.

I would like people to be able to access the help they need so some concessions are available, please contact me to discuss.

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